Communication signals threaten marine habitat

Back in the mid 1970’s Physical Oceanographer Walter Munk was evaluating the acoustical transmission characteristics of the ocean “sound channel” – an isothermal layer in the deep ocean that baleen whales use for long distance communication. His visionary work in this field developed into a 1991 experiment called the “Heard Island Feasibility Test” which produced […]

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Lunar connection on Hanalei Bay stranding nixed.

On the morning of July 3 2004 there was an agitated aggregation of Melon Headed whales in Hanalei Bay, Hawai’i. This event was concurrent to the RIMPAC international naval exercise  which happens every two years. As is typical with these tragic events, the US Navy rolled up their collective sleeves and focused on how to […]

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Cornwall Mass Stranding Event

The mass stranding event (MSE) in Cornwall UK last year points to Navy sonar. But if you read through the very comprehensive report you can see why it is difficult to arrive at unimpeachable scientific conclusions. The report is here: The quote from the report conclusion states: “A period of naval exercises involving a […]

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