The Arctic is on Everybody’s Sonar Lately

Last week we attended an Acoustic Society conference in San Diego. This time I didn’t deliver a paper so it was mostly a reconnaissance trip – both to catch up with colleagues and to introduce Gwynn, our Digital Assets Manager to the field. It is not a surprise that many of the bioacoustic papers that […]

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Lunar connection on Hanalei Bay stranding nixed.

On the morning of July 3 2004 there was an agitated aggregation of Melon Headed whales in Hanalei Bay, Hawai’i. This event was concurrent to the RIMPAC international naval exercise  which happens every two years. As is typical with these tragic events, the US Navy rolled up their collective sleeves and focused on how to […]

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New Freeway planned for San Ignacio Lagoon

New Freeway planned for San Ignacio Lagoon San Ignacio Lagoon is the birthplace of a remarkable chapter in the relationship between whales and humans. The lagoons along the western coast of the American Continent, from San Francisco Bay in the north to Bahía Magdalena in the south, were all once breeding and birthing areas for […]

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New York Times article on human/whale relationships

This week New York Times features and article ostensibly about our relationship with whales, woven around a visit by the author to the “friendly whales” of San Ignacio Lagoon. The article (requiring a free NYT login) is here: It also features some OCR colleagues, friends and allies such as Ranulfo Mayoral, a fantastic birder […]

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Minke Whales harassed by Navy Sonar

Yet another unfortunate event involving whales and mid-frequency sonar; two minke whales were seen “porpoising” at high speeds in waters where military operations were taking place. Observers also heard extremely loud sonar concurrent to the sightings. Minke whales are the smallest of the baleen whales, reaching a bit over 30 ft. in length. Porpoising is […]

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