2015 Progress Report

2015 Progress Report 2017-02-08T16:40:44+00:00

Why we do this

Comments to Draft Environmental Impact Statements (DEIS):

Navy/NMFS Court Case:

Scientific Integrity Complaint:

Conference attendance and presentations:


Outreach/Public information:

Projects in various stages of development:

  • Developing Citizen Science ocean noise collection project
  • Zuvuya – Media Art Installation
  • Kurtosis metrics – Thresholds and Criteria projects
  • Arctic Soundscapes – online output for Cornell University Arctic recordings
  • Ocean soundscapes −  a bio-acoustic composed tableau traveling from Antarctica across the latitudes to the Arctic through biological and human sounds
  • Exposure criteria program
  • Bio-acoustics timeline on the OCR website
  • Ongoing educational productions for the OCRdotORG YouTube channel.
  • Acoustical Forensics workshops