Robert “Bud” Abbott

Ph.D. Marine Biology

Dr. Abbott’s study of the impacts of pile driving noise on fish led to the use of bubble curtains as a key mitigation strategy.

James Aroyan

Ph.D. Physics. JRJ Simulation and Design

Dr. Aroyan’s modeling of dolphin sound perception and physiology has greatly expanded our knowledge of marine biosonar.

Cleve Steward

Ph.D. Fisheries Biology

Dr. Steward has extensive experience and education in salmon and trout ecology and management and is the director of the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation, a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement, and wise use of fisheries resources in the Pacific Northwest.

Jay Harman

CEO Pax Scientific

Jay has a grasp of Nature’s efficient engines which is inspiring a whole array of technology adaptations which promise to revolutionize propulsion, fluid flow, cooling, and energy generation systems of the near future.

Philip Green

Former director of Bioengineering Research, Stanford Research Institute

Philip’s work in medical imaging and robotic control led to his development of the da Vinci laparoscopic surgery system.

Paul Hawken


Paul is a seminal sustainable entrepreneur, developer of regenerative economies, and promoter of bio-engineered products and Nature-inspired business practices.

J. Wallace Nichols

Ph.D. Marine Biology

J’s astute blend of focused biological science and human communication systems allows him a broad reach into the public, from kids to elders, and across many cultural distinctions.

Tom Reuterdahl

Ph.D. Mathematics

Tom’s command of numbers is innate and inspiring.

Fred Wahpepah Kickapoo

Sac-and-Fox Elder

Fred is the founding elder of Seven Circles Foundation, promoting indigenous teachings to people from all nations.